Sunday, August 23, 2009

repair your system with kaspersky 2010

kaspersky antivirus 2010 users, i have good news for you, you know that there is a feature called "microsoft windows settings troubleshooting" this feature can automatically scan your system and prompts if there is problems caused by a viruses or malware.

for example - if your systems registry or folder options disabled by a virus, its dispaly in a windows called "system restore wizard" (after the scan complete), then you can select the problem by clicking check box and proceed with repair, then kaspersky antivirus will automatically do the repairs for you, this is great feature avialable in latest kaspersky version of 2010 (ver 9.0)

here is a step by step guide how to repair system with kaspersky antivirus.
  • first open kaspersky antivirus (double click from task bar in bottom right corner)
  • in the left pane click security+ button
  • now click microsoft windows settings troubleshooting
  • then select search for problems related to malware activity
  • after completion of scan results are displayed in a window called system restore wizard
  • now select appropriate action (eg- disable folder option) by clicking check box
  • proceed with system repair

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