removal instructions for kido virus

Thursday, August 27, 2009
To prevent all workstations and file servers from being infected with the worm, you are recommended to do the following.
  • Install the patch from Microsoft that covers the vulnerability MS08-067, MS08-068, MS09-001 (on these pages you will have to select which operating system is installed on the infected PC, download corresponding patch and install it)
  • Make sure the password of the local administrator account is not obvious and cannot be hacked easily – the password should contain 6 letters minimum; use a mixture of uppercase and lowercase, numbers and non-alphanumeric characters such as punctuation marks
  • Disable autorun of executable files from removable drives
  • Block access to TCP ports number 445 and 139 using a network screen (You need to block these ports only while you perform the disinfection. As soon as you have the entire red disinfected, feel free to unblock the ports)
remove kido virus with kk.exe tool (provided by kaspersky)
  • First download kk.exe (click here to download)
  • Extract the contents into a folder on the infected PC
  • Now you need to disable antivirus for a while
  • Run file KK.exe
  • Wait till the scanning is complete
  • Now re-enable your virus guard, update as necessary and Perform a full scan of your computer.
additional information about removing kido virus and remove from admin kit - click here

security patches from microsoft - click here to visit the site, and select appropriate package for your pc.


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