Sunday, August 23, 2009

how to create scheduled shutdown for your pc

This article talks about how to create a scheduled shutdown for your pc, to do that we need a special software (freeware) called "poweroff", actually you can do even more things like schedule a shutdown/reboot/logoff/poweroff/Standby/Hibernate/Lock/Wake-On-LAN at a certain time with this handy software.this small program is support for Win95/98/NT/W2K/ create schedule shutdown follow these steps.
  • first download poweroff (download here)
  • then start poweroff
  • under select computer select "local computer"
  • in the actions select shutdown
  • now click schedule
  • in the schedule window select your appropriate field like " fixed day, daily ,day of month ,or after "
  • for example - select daily , then select days and weeks
  • now you have to specify time for a schedule shutdown
  • in the schedule window (in upper left corner) specify time for shutdown
  • review selected fields and click ok
now you have to put a service for a shutdown process
  • in the main window of poweroff click service from the menu
  • then click create service (note - some antivirus prompts alert when you perform this, just ignore them you will be fine)
thats all, you are just created scheduled shutdown with "poweroff". more informations available at publisher site, to read more informations click here

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