email printing problem in vista (no header information)

Friday, August 21, 2009
OK this is how it happens, pc with windows vista ultimate installed and running office 2003, used outlook 2003 as a default mail client.the problem is when you open received email and try to print, it prints the message without the valuable information (such as from, to, cc, subject) this problem not happened for all emails, only some mails. the following attempts tried and able to solve the problem, but it creates another problem.
  • upgrade office 2003 to office 2007, yes.. solve the problem, printout came with the header information, but another problems has occured
  • this time when you try to print you cant select the print range, because there is no option for print range. imagine you you have a email containing 15 pages, and you only want to print first 5 pages what should you do, when there is no option for print range? you don't trust me, then read this Microsoft help and support
  • then we have to open the email in web browser (double click the selected email, click other actions, click view in browser)
  • yes.. now you can select print range, but after print, again printout came without the header information
  • then we configure windows mail and import all emails to it, then try to print, there is print range available in windows mail, but sadly printout came with no header information
these whole methods came up with dead end,then we install windows xp and install office 2003, then configure outlook 2003, all problems were gone, there is print range available and printout came with header informations.that's why we love windows xp


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