Monday, August 31, 2009

adjust graphic settings for speed performance

We all know windows xp uses some considerable amount or ram for visual elements, this can cause your computer to be less responsive. By tweaking your graphics settings, you can increase the performance of your computer. to get start reduce some color quality, procedure as follows.
  • Right click on your desktop and click properties
  • Click on the settings tab and adjust the color quality to medium (16 bit) form the drop down menu
  • Click apply and ok to exit
Next, we use the windows performance settings to optimize your computer for performance. this will reduce lot of the fancy graphics effects. follow these steps.
  • Right click on my computer and click properties
  • Click advanced tab
  • Now under "performance" click settings
  • In the visual effects tab select "adjust for best performance"
  • Click apply and ok
One more thing, we also can use "windows classic" as a default theme, to do this follow these steps.
  • Right click on the empty area of desktop and click properties to open "display properties" window.
  • On the theme tab, select windows classic from the drop down menu
  • Click apply and ok to exit display properties.
After completing all above steps, you can see some faster response from the computer

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