System restore with bootable cd support (ubcd4win or Hiren bootcd 9.8) in windows xp

In some cases you cant start your pc with windows xp, (even safe mode) sometimes it display error messages and stop continue, most this happened by corrupt system files and virus problem, to resolve this issue you can try system restoring, but this method is different and you need special bootable cd called as UBCD4WIN or Hiren bootcd 9.8.don't worry this cds is free of charge and download from our website. further steps as follows.

1 first set your pcs bios first boot device as cdrom, save and exit bios setup.

2 then insert ubcd4win cd into the cdrom.

3 then pc begin to booting with cdrom support

4 after all files were copied, you will get desktop pretty much similar to windows xp

5 locate system volume information folder in your windows installation partition

(eg-root of C drive)

6 go to system volume information folder

7 then select one of restore point (eg RP1 , RP2 ) and go to inside folder

8 go to snapshot folder

9 copy the following files.






10 Create new folder named config

11Copy above files to this folder

12 rename these files exactly looks like below






13 go to the following path

C:\WINDOWS\system32 (in here C: mentioned as windows installation partition)

14 locate folder named config

15 rename this folder as you like (eg – config old) (note – backup this folder before rename in case of emergency)

16 go to the folder earlier we created as config (in step 10, make sure all files were here and renamed correctly like in step 12)

17 copy this folder and paste in the following path


18 restart pc.

19 reconfigure pcs bios first boot device as harddisk

20 save and exit

21 check your pc can start windows xp.

Most of the time this method is 100% success, we overcome this problem in many occasions. if your pc still cant boot from xp select another restore point and repeat steps from 8,if it still fails you have to do clean windows installation.