Monday, June 15, 2009

system recovery (safe mode)

what is safe mode

when running in safe mode only the minimum required drivers are loading.this includes following.
  • Vga with minimum drivers
  • Floppy,harddisk and cdrom controller drivers
  • Keyboard and mouse drivers
when run on the safe mode only the minimum required drivers to start the computer would be loaded in the boot up process.there for is possible to boot in the safe mode and remove any problematic hardware or its driver prevents the system from starting.

Getting to a Recovery Menu

Instead WinXP uses the combination of Safe Mode and System Recovery to effect repair of your WinXP installation. You also can try the "Last Known Good Configuration" boot option to try to restore your Windows XP system to a workable state if critical system files are not damaged.

To enter the location where these options are available restart your computer then press F8 right after the BIOS message disappears and again after selecting the operating system. You should see these below options.

  • Safe Mode
  • Last Known Good Configuration
  • Start Windows Normally
Selecting these options will do the following:
  • Safe Mode
takes you to a stripped-down version of Windows where only the most basic of Windows functions are available to help you troubleshoot your problem. You can choose System Restore in Safe Mode.
  • Last Known Good Configuration
when changes made to a system during a session they are added to a registry setting called default configuration.these newly added settings to the default configuration will be added to a another register setting called Last Known Good instance or just after a restart and logon boot both default and Last Known Good Configuration are equal.
  • Start Windows Normally
will load Windows in the regular fashion. If you were having problems last time you attempted to load Windows this option may not work.

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