Friday, June 19, 2009

hidden file scanner (HFS)

Hidden File Scanner is a free tool that scans drives for hidden files that contained across many directories on your Windows.Hidden File Scanner is portable,there for no installation is required.

Using HFS

You can straight away run the exe file.On the main window, select the drives that you want scan for hidden files.You can choose to scan all drives if you want to, just click the All Drives link.Before you hit the Scan button,you can specify whether to exclude system files, exclude directories from the search.This way, the search results are more logical to view.After complete scan, a list of hidden files will be displayed in the main window. From there, you are allow to unhide or delete them.

In addition, Hidden File Scanner also does a quick scan at start up to detect the appearance of autorun.inf files on all devices including removable media (such as pen drives and external hard disks) If such an autorun.inf file is found, a dialog box will appear where you can either delete, unhide or inspect the content of the autorun.inf. This tool will automatically rate the autorun.inf files as normal, hidden, suspicious or dangerous file.

Note - dont mess up your pc,s

Note that every hidden files is not a virus,you must not simply delete any hidden files found, or otherwise your system will be crashed. If you have such files, and their file name does not help you to identify the file, right click it and open the file information dialog. You will see for most executable files the copyright of the executable file, which might help you identifying it.

download HFS here

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