Tuesday, November 15, 2011

printer language is unknown in xp (solved)

this happens when you install wrong driver (wrong language) , therefor when you get printer properties you cant view or configure it correctly, because the language is unknown, the solutions is to remove the printer driver and install the correct driver, sometimes, even if you install correct drivers the problem remains the same, there is a solution to this, but you need to careful when you do this, follow below descriptions.

first you have to disconnect printer connections to computer, remove cables also, make sure you got the printer driver cds, you can do this process in 2 way

option 1

  • go to services window (star > run > type services.msc > press enter)
  • locate print spooler service and stop it (right click on service & click stop)
  • go to system32 folder (Ex - C:\WINDOWS\system32), locate spool folder, you have to rename this folder which is not easy, first you have to unlock the processes that related to spool folder
  • you can use unlocker software to unlock the process (download here) after installing unlocker, go to system32 folder
  • right click on spool folder and click unlock (warning - click only unlock)
  • now rename the folder as you like (Ex - spool old)
  • now plug the printer data cable and power on the printer
  • the printer will be detected showing found new hardware wizard
  • now you have to do is install the correct printer drivers, your problem will be solved
if you experience difficulties following above steps to rename spool folder, then you might try the option 2

option 2

  • start computer from bootable cd (like hiren boot cd, choose "mini xp" from the menu and proceed)
  • after loading to mini xp, go to your windows system 32 folder (Ex - C:\WINDOWS\system32)
  • locate spool folder
  • rename it as you like (Ex - spool old)
  • restart the pc in normal mode
  • after loading to windows xp, you need to connect the printer data cables and install the correct printer drivers

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