Saturday, September 24, 2011

backup and restore firefox bookmarks

in certain cases (before windows reinstall) you might want to backup your existing long list of (like mine) bookmarks in firefox, this is really simple to do & method as follows.(used firefox 6.0.2 for description)

  • open firefox browser
  • in menu, click bookmarks & click " show all bookmarks "
  • in the opened window (called " library ") you can see there is a drop down menu named " import and backup "
  • click in the menu and select appropriate action for you, if you want to backup > select location & type a name to identify backup file (normally it takes " bookmarks-current year-month-date " as a file name) and click save.
  • you can reverse the same process to restore bookmarks, click " import and backup " point to restore > click " choose file " > specify the saved file and click open, done.

shutdown remote server through remote desktop

scenario like this, server running win 2003 R2 with terminal server (located at head office), stores located at remote location, stores manager wants to access head office server to operate ERP software, end of the day he wants to shutdown head office server using remote desktop (because he is last person to use ERP software) but when he try to shutdown remote server, then he realize there is no option to shutdown server, because it isn't  available.

above is real world problem, (i personally had this one & find the solution) details as follows.

inorder to do things right, you have to do some configurations in server, follow these steps

  • log in to the server

  • open " group policy " (start > run > type gpedit.msc & press enter
  • under " computer configuration " navigate to windows settings > security settings > local policies > user right assignment
  • in the right side look for the " shutdown the system " (look at the bottom)
  • double click to open
  • now add the remote user account to the list, (if stores manager uses " stores " user account to login to the server, add that account to the list.)
  • click apply & ok
  • now you have to do is restart server or update group policy without restart
Note - to update gruop policy without restart, click start > run > type  cmd & press enter > type " gpupdate /force" & press enter, done.

after complete above steps successfully , the specified user account (our stores manager) can shutdown remote server using his remote desktop.