continues file copy even closing laptop lid (xp)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011
First of all we need to make some changes in control panel to do this, because we all know normally when you close laptop lid (screen) it goes for sleep mode, we need to stop this for continues file copy, to do this follow these steps.

  • Go to control panel 
  • Double click "power option"
  • Click advanced

  • Now under "power buttons" section, you can see "when i close the lid of my portable computer"
  • In there drop down menu select "do nothing"
  • Click apply and OK
Now copy some large files to network drive or external hard disk & close laptop lid, note that laptop isn't go for sleep mode, it just continue with the work. now you can copy files, encode movies, copy DVD & Cd's , download torrents without go in to sleep mode.


Anonymous said...

nice one, thanks for sharing.

ItsFixed said...

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rahul yadav said...

Good one thank you for providing such a good information

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