Monday, February 7, 2011

cant defragment hard disk due to kaspersky

if you are kaspersky user, then you might want to hear this news.when kaspersky is up and running and the same time you want to defragment your C: drive (or whole hard disk), but when you start the process after a short time you might see this error "Disk Defragmenter cannot continue prescan because there is a corruption in file: C\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Kapersky Lab\AVP8\report" this error most common with kaspersky 2009 and kaspersky 2010 product, in order to stop this error keep coming and start defragment process follow these steps.

  • go to c:\windows\system32 folder
  • look for these 3 files " defrag.exe , dfrgntfs.exe , dfrgfat.exe "
  • now you have to add these 3 files to kaspersky trusted zone (or trusted applications list)
  • for example in kaspersky workstation mp4, right click kaspersky tray icon on taskbar > click settings > click protection in top left corner > in the right side click trusted zone button > in the opened window click trusted application tab > click add > click browse > click browse again > now specify all 3 files above one after the other > and make sure to check the all the check boxes (for each file you specify) >after adding files click ok > then apply and ok
after you add these files to trusted zone you can run disk defragment without any problem.

Note - another solution is also there, (to disable self defence on kaspersky and run the defragmenter) this one is also worked , but be sure to enable self defence after the deragment complted.

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  1. that did it, thanks for sharing, you saved my day.