delete emails in deleted folder when exiting outlook 2003

Wednesday, September 2, 2009
When are receiving and reading e-mails, you may delete the emails that is not important to you, but when you delete, it moves the emails to deleted items folder and not deleted from outlook. with a few changed of outlook settings you are prompt to delete them automatically when you exiting outlook 2003, the instruction as follows.
  • Open outlook 2003
  • In the menu click tools and click option
  • Click on the other tab in the options window
  • In there under "general" section select "empty the deleted items folder upon exiting"
  • Click apply and ok
From now on when you exiting outlook, you are prompt to delete the emails in the deleted items folder, go ahead and click yes, then emails in deleted items will be automatically deleted.

If you don't want to prompt each time to delete the emails, do as follows
  • In the option window, click on other tab
  • Now under general click "advanced option"
  • In advanced options window deselect "warn before permanently deleting items"
  • Click ok
  • Then click apply and ok


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