Friday, July 10, 2009

overview of opera web browser

Opera is a another web browser that providing more features, now you can find opera 10 beta, here are some of the features available in opera 10.

Opera Turbo for fast browsing on slow connections

Opera Turbo is a compression technology that provides significant improvements in browsing speeds over limited-bandwidth connections like a crowded Wi-Fi in a cafe or browsing through your mobile phone while commuting.

New enhanced tabs and sleek design

Opera has always been the pioneer for how to deal with tabs in your browser. In Opera 10, we introduce a resizable tab bar. Drag the handle underneath the tabs to reveal thumbnails of your open Web pages. And, because great features should come in beautiful packages: well-known designer Jon Hicks created a whole new look for Opera 10.

Speed Dial your way

Customize your Speed Dial to fit your own needs. Click the configure button and choose from 4 to 25 favorite Web sites for quick access every time you open a new tab. You can also add a custom background so that you feel right at home.

Web integration

If you use a Web mail service as your default mail client, you can tell Opera 10 to do the same. Clicking on e-mail addresses or "Send by Mail" in Opera will open the compose page from your Web mail service provider. The same is true with the Feed reader — you can now also add any RSS/atom feed into your favorite online feed reader from within Opera 10.

Resizable search field

Have a clearer view of what you are about to search by simply expanding the size of the search field — because many of life's questions require more than two words of space.

40% faster engine and cutting-edge Web standards support

the new Opera Presto 2.2 engine in Opera 10 to be much faster on resource-intensive pages such as Gmail and Facebook. In addition, with an Acid3 100/100 score, Web Fonts support, RGBA/HSLA color and SVG improvements, Opera 10 beta is ready for the next generation of Web applications. Learn more...

Inline spell-checker

Write freely in your Facebook wall, blog, or Web mail. Opera 10 beta underlines any misspelled words, so you can express yourself without reservation. By using the popular Hunspell dictionary format, you can be sure you’ll always have the most complete and updated list of all languages.


Opera 10 beta makes it easier than ever to stay up-to-date with the latest version. With auto-update you will be able to choose completely automatic updates or have the option of being notified when an update is ready to install. As always with Opera, it is your choice.

E-mail your way

Opera Mail can now send rich text messages including inline images, styled text, links, and/or custom HTML. You can also choose to have messages deleted from your POP server after a preset number of days, so you can keep your Web space under control.

Automated Crash Reporting

Opera is designed to restart and recover all your tabs if a crash occurs. But, now you can easily send us a crash report to help us continue to make Opera the most stable browser around.

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