Monday, July 13, 2009

how to disable chkdsk at startup

did your pc try to scan your hard disk every time you restart or after power on the cpu,but sometime you proceed with the scan there is no errors displaying the hard you want to stop this annoying process? then follow these steps.

  • first go to the command prompt
  • If you have drive C: as your hard drive
  • then run the command to disable chkdsk from scanning C: drive would be chkntfs /x c:
  • If you have 2 drive, C and D, you can disable chkdsk with the command of chkntfs /x c: d:
The chkntfs utility works by modifying the BootExcecute value in the system registry. The BootExecute value is located in the following registry key:


The default value is for BootExecute is autocheck autochk *. When you use the /x switch, it will add a /k parameter prior to the asterisk. The /k parameter excludes volumes from being checked for the presence of a dirty bit.

For example, if you run the command chkntfs /x c: in command prompt. This command would modify this registry entry to autocheck autochk /k:c *

after completing above process successfully your problem will be solved.

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