Monday, July 20, 2009

create message rule in outlook 2003

Outlook 2003 allows you to create many different types of rules to help automate and organize your email. Once set, these rules enable Outlook to automatically perform such actions as the following

  • Flag messages from a specific person
  • Move messages from certain person to a special folder
  • Redirect messages based on subject
  • Display an alert message when an important message arrives
  • Assign a category based on the content of a message
  • Open or start a program after receiving a certain message
  • Filter unwanted or junk messages to specified folder
  • print messages containing specific words or phrases
For example we create message rule for Move messages from certain people to a special folder
  • Open outlook 2003
  • Now click rules and alert in tools menu
  • Click new rule button
  • Select move messages from someone to a folder in a step 1
  • In step 2 click people or distribution list
  • Type the name of certain person or select from list ( after type the name and click from button to select person or double click name from list)
  • Click Ok to select person.
  • Again in step 2 click “move it to specified folder”
  • Now click new button to add new folder, rename as you like and click ok.
  • Select the newly created folder and click ok
  • Click next
  • Be sure to select first two rules in select condition list, click next
  • Be sure to select first rule in select action list
  • In next area leave it as default and click next
  • Now click finish

You are successfully created new message rule,after now on the messages received from the person you selected are automatically moved to the folder you specified.

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