configuring printer permissions

Friday, July 31, 2009
printer permissions are specially allowed or denied to individual users and groups. by default, the print permissions is allowed to the everyone group. user and group printer permission are additive, and typically the least restrictive combination of printer permissions applies.

an exception oto this rule occurs when a user or group is specifically denied a printer permission. if a user is denied a printer permission, or any group the user is a member of is denied printer permission, then the suer is denied that printer permission. a denied permission always overrides a corresponding allowed permission.

printer permissions are set on a printer-by-printer basis. these permissions apply both when the printer is accessed over the network and when the printer is accessed from the local computer.

printer permissions, descriptions and functionality

print - a user with this permission can connect to the printer and send print jobs to the printer. by default the print permissions is assigned to the everyone group.

manage document - a user with this permission can pause, resume, restart and delete print jobs sent to the printer, by default members of the creator owner group are assigned the management documents printer permissions. this enables users who create print jobs to manage their own print jobs.

manage printers - a user with this permission can perform all tasks included in the print permissions. in addition, the user can pause, restart, and share the printer, can change spooler settings, can assign printer permissions (including the manage documents permission) and can change the printer's properties.


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