Monday, April 13, 2009

to view superhidden & hidden files

sometimes for number of reasons you cant view your hidden files.this most happens by virus infections.even if you removed virus from your pc it keeps hides your hidden solve this issue we provide two registry files.but you have to copy those codes correctly and create registry file.first you have to open folder option,in there select view,then select show hidden files and folders,click apply,after locate "hide extension for known file types"if this option is checked, uncheck the checkbox and click Apply or copy the following code for view super hidden files.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



now open new notepad file,in there copy the above code,save file,then rename the file any name you like (eg-show super hidden) with the extention of .reg (eg-show super hidden.reg) after you rename file it display warning message ,dont worry click file became a registry file.double click the file and click must be able to see hidden files now.

if you are advanced user knowing about editing registry locate the above key and edit dword value as shown.or you can download registry file here.

if still cant view hidden files there may be still contain virusus in your pc (eg-autorun.inf in root of c:)get rid of that use runscanner (can find in here) please note that this is a short description of a long process,i will post another blog about how to use runscanner.good luck.

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