Tuesday, November 15, 2011

set firefox homepage easy way

everybody knows how to change the browsers home page, no matter which browser you used, but when you use firefox, everybody knows the longway which is described as follows.

  • open firefox
  • click on tools and click options
  • in general tab type the web address in the homepage line

now i am going to show you the easy way

  • open firefox and go to your preferred site you use to set as a home page
  • now highlight the url using your mouse and drag it to home icon in navigation toolbar
  • then message box appeared "do you want this document to be your new homepage"
  • click yes 
  • now close the firefox and open again, you will see that the browser start with your new home page

printer language is unknown in xp (solved)

this happens when you install wrong driver (wrong language) , therefor when you get printer properties you cant view or configure it correctly, because the language is unknown, the solutions is to remove the printer driver and install the correct driver, sometimes, even if you install correct drivers the problem remains the same, there is a solution to this, but you need to careful when you do this, follow below descriptions.

first you have to disconnect printer connections to computer, remove cables also, make sure you got the printer driver cds, you can do this process in 2 way

option 1

  • go to services window (star > run > type services.msc > press enter)
  • locate print spooler service and stop it (right click on service & click stop)
  • go to system32 folder (Ex - C:\WINDOWS\system32), locate spool folder, you have to rename this folder which is not easy, first you have to unlock the processes that related to spool folder
  • you can use unlocker software to unlock the process (download here) after installing unlocker, go to system32 folder
  • right click on spool folder and click unlock (warning - click only unlock)
  • now rename the folder as you like (Ex - spool old)
  • now plug the printer data cable and power on the printer
  • the printer will be detected showing found new hardware wizard
  • now you have to do is install the correct printer drivers, your problem will be solved
if you experience difficulties following above steps to rename spool folder, then you might try the option 2

option 2

  • start computer from bootable cd (like hiren boot cd, choose "mini xp" from the menu and proceed)
  • after loading to mini xp, go to your windows system 32 folder (Ex - C:\WINDOWS\system32)
  • locate spool folder
  • rename it as you like (Ex - spool old)
  • restart the pc in normal mode
  • after loading to windows xp, you need to connect the printer data cables and install the correct printer drivers

Thursday, October 13, 2011

kaspersky incorrect key activation date - fixed finally

if your kaspersky antivirus product unable to accept your product key, displaying errors like " incorrect activation date or incorrect key activation date(even if your date and time is correct) there is a solution you might want to try out, this method works really well for me, follow the steps described in below.

  • first of all you need to uninstall any existing kaspersky antivirus product
  • then make sure your date and time correct
  • double click the file to merge with windows registry
  • after that re-install your kaspersky product and activate
this solution worked for me, and might work for you also, give it a try.


Monday, October 3, 2011

print without headers and footers in firefox

normally when you start to print web documents using firefox it usually print with the headers & footers, also date & time, many people dont want this because it print web url & title in the top of the page, in order to print without headers & footers there's simple thing to do as described below.

  • in the firefox menu click file and click page setup
  • in page setup menu click margins & header/footer tab
  • under header & footer section you can see few drop down menus
  • in there click on each menu and set to blank
  • after configure the settings click ok and print your documents

Note - these configuration instruction may similar to other web browser such as internet explorer / opera

Saturday, September 24, 2011

backup and restore firefox bookmarks

in certain cases (before windows reinstall) you might want to backup your existing long list of (like mine) bookmarks in firefox, this is really simple to do & method as follows.(used firefox 6.0.2 for description)

  • open firefox browser
  • in menu, click bookmarks & click " show all bookmarks "
  • in the opened window (called " library ") you can see there is a drop down menu named " import and backup "
  • click in the menu and select appropriate action for you, if you want to backup > select location & type a name to identify backup file (normally it takes " bookmarks-current year-month-date " as a file name) and click save.
  • you can reverse the same process to restore bookmarks, click " import and backup " point to restore > click " choose file " > specify the saved file and click open, done.

shutdown remote server through remote desktop

scenario like this, server running win 2003 R2 with terminal server (located at head office), stores located at remote location, stores manager wants to access head office server to operate ERP software, end of the day he wants to shutdown head office server using remote desktop (because he is last person to use ERP software) but when he try to shutdown remote server, then he realize there is no option to shutdown server, because it isn't  available.

above is real world problem, (i personally had this one & find the solution) details as follows.

inorder to do things right, you have to do some configurations in server, follow these steps

  • log in to the server

  • open " group policy " (start > run > type gpedit.msc & press enter
  • under " computer configuration " navigate to windows settings > security settings > local policies > user right assignment
  • in the right side look for the " shutdown the system " (look at the bottom)
  • double click to open
  • now add the remote user account to the list, (if stores manager uses " stores " user account to login to the server, add that account to the list.)
  • click apply & ok
  • now you have to do is restart server or update group policy without restart
Note - to update gruop policy without restart, click start > run > type  cmd & press enter > type " gpupdate /force" & press enter, done.

after complete above steps successfully , the specified user account (our stores manager) can shutdown remote server using his remote desktop.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

continues file copy even closing laptop lid (xp)

First of all we need to make some changes in control panel to do this, because we all know normally when you close laptop lid (screen) it goes for sleep mode, we need to stop this for continues file copy, to do this follow these steps.

  • Go to control panel 
  • Double click "power option"
  • Click advanced

  • Now under "power buttons" section, you can see "when i close the lid of my portable computer"
  • In there drop down menu select "do nothing"
  • Click apply and OK
Now copy some large files to network drive or external hard disk & close laptop lid, note that laptop isn't go for sleep mode, it just continue with the work. now you can copy files, encode movies, copy DVD & Cd's , download torrents without go in to sleep mode.

Friday, February 18, 2011

cant access network share folders (Not enough server storage is available to process this command)

when you try to access shared folders though the network, sometime you might receive the following error.
(Not enough server storage is available to process this command)
to solve this problem you have to modify some registry settings, to do that follow these steps.

  • click start > click run> type regedit, and then click ok to open registry editor
  • navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SYSTEM \CurrentControlSet \Services\ LanmanServer \Parameters
  • in the right pane check for a IRPStackSize dword value
  • if it is not there you have to create new dword value. to do that right click blank area of the right pane > point to new > click DWORD value
  • now rename the value name as IRPStackSize
  • now double click IRPStackSize , in the value data box type 15 (which is the dafault value)
Note - It is recommended that you increase the value by 3, for example if value 15 not worked, you can try for value 18

after you changed value, restart your pc and try to access share folders on the network, it should work now.

Monday, February 7, 2011

excel 2007 files cant open when double click

this is a strange problem, when you double click previously saved excel files nothing happens, but you start start excel 2007 program from start menu, then try to open the saved files using file > open files can open, to fix this problem follow these steps.

  • open excel 2007 (using start menu)
  • go to tools > options > general. uncheck "ignore other apps"
  • now close excel program
  • now click start > run then type excel.exe /unregserver and click to unregister excel
  • then again click start > run type excel.exe /regserver and click to re-register excel
  • now double click saved excel files, it should work normally

windows mail spell check error "language is no longer available"

did you receive this error "Language is no longer available for spell checking" when using windows mail spell check.To fix this error message follow these steps

  • open windows mail
  • click on tools
  • click on options
  • click on the spelling tab
  • under the language section, click on another language besides english
  • click apply
  • choose english under the language section
  • click apply
  • click ok
  • create a new message and try spell check, it should now work

change word 2003 default font permanently

this describes how to change default font in word 2003

  • open Microsoft word 2003
  • right click in blank document and click font
  • now in the opened window make the changes you want , for example " font , font style , font color "
  • you can see changes instantly in the "preview area"
  • after you have made the changes you want, click on the default button in the lower left corner
  • after click default button, click yes in the opened message and this will make the changes you made as a default.

change excel 2003 default font permanently

this describes how to change default font in excel 2003

  • start excel 2003
  • in the menu click tools and click properties
  • in the options window click general tab
  • under standard font select your desired font
  • you can also specify the default font size
  • now click ok
  • you will see the message that prompt by the excel program, it will remind you to restart excel to changes go into effect
  • so go ahead and restart excel
  • you can see the selected font as a default font (also the font size)

cant defragment hard disk due to kaspersky

if you are kaspersky user, then you might want to hear this news.when kaspersky is up and running and the same time you want to defragment your C: drive (or whole hard disk), but when you start the process after a short time you might see this error "Disk Defragmenter cannot continue prescan because there is a corruption in file: C\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Kapersky Lab\AVP8\report" this error most common with kaspersky 2009 and kaspersky 2010 product, in order to stop this error keep coming and start defragment process follow these steps.

  • go to c:\windows\system32 folder
  • look for these 3 files " defrag.exe , dfrgntfs.exe , dfrgfat.exe "
  • now you have to add these 3 files to kaspersky trusted zone (or trusted applications list)
  • for example in kaspersky workstation mp4, right click kaspersky tray icon on taskbar > click settings > click protection in top left corner > in the right side click trusted zone button > in the opened window click trusted application tab > click add > click browse > click browse again > now specify all 3 files above one after the other > and make sure to check the all the check boxes (for each file you specify) >after adding files click ok > then apply and ok
after you add these files to trusted zone you can run disk defragment without any problem.

Note - another solution is also there, (to disable self defence on kaspersky and run the defragmenter) this one is also worked , but be sure to enable self defence after the deragment complted.