to view hidden and super hidden files

Friday, October 23, 2009
To view hidden files in you need to deselect some options in folder option. note that most viruses hide itself for further infections and more damaged to your pc, when you enabled view hidden files option, you can safely delete those viruses, some viruses run itself as a active process, there for you may not be able to delete viruses easily. use runscanner utility to kill virus process. to view hidden files
  • Start > run
  • Type control.exe folders and press enter
  • In the folder option window, click on view tab
  • Under "advanced settings" select show hidden files and folders also deselect hide protected operating system files (recommend)
  • Click apply and ok
After doing this you can see hidden file and folders, for example just go to the root of C: drive, notice that no of hidden files were in the root of drive (such as "ntldr, ntdetect) read this about how to enable hidden files using registry file.


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