how to change virtual memory location (page file)

Friday, October 2, 2009
If you want you can change the path of virtual memory (page file) location. this is useful when you running out disk space of C: drive (by default page file created in windows partition) imagine you have 2Gb of physical ram, then system automatically allocate disk space, 1.5 of physical ram for a page file, that's a heavy disk cost, in this case you can save disk space in C: drive by changing the page file location. follow these steps.
  • Right click on my computer and click properties
  • Go to advanced tab
  • In there click on the settings button under "performance"
  • In performance option window, click advanced tab
  • Now click change button under "virtual memory"
  • In the virtual memory window, click the partition that has more disk space (ex-D: drive)
  • Now in the custom size area set minimum and maximum value for a page file. (for example - 2 Gb of system ram, minimum can set as 2046 and maximum can set as 4092)
  • After setting the value click set button. now you are successfully change the page file location to D: drive,
  • only thing thing to do is clear page file from C: drive
  • In the virtual memory window, click C: drive
  • Now click on the No paging file and click set button
  • Click ok, then apply and ok
  • Again click apply and ok
  • Now restart the pc to changes go into effect
Note - after restarting the pc you will notice that there is more space available in C: drive, to gain more space in C: drive read this


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