convert partition from FAT to NTFS with command prompt support

Tuesday, September 1, 2009
Do you need to convert your FAT partition to NTFS, this can be done with a simple command. and you can even convert your partiton straight away with data (no need to backup data) but keep in mind this process cant be reversed once you convert FAT to NTFS, here is how we do it
  • Click start and run
  • Type cmd and press enter to open command prompt
  • In the command prompt type Convert C: /FS:NTFS and press enter
  • Once you press enter it will ask you for confirmation and press Y. Then press Y again once more to reboot pc
  • The conversion process will begin at the next reboot
Note - "C" is the drive you wish to convert (you can convert more drives, just put the correct drive letter, for example - Convert E: /FS:NTFS. Make sure there is a space between the C: and the foward slash (/).


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