introducing the backup utility in windows xp

Saturday, August 1, 2009
windows xp professional provides backup or restore wizard, which allows you to easily backup data. to access the backup or restore wizard, on the start menu, point to all programs, point to accessories, point to system tools, and then click backup.alternatively on the start menu you can click run and type ntbackup and then click ok. you can use the backup or restore wizard to backup data manually or to shedule unattended backup jobs on a regular basis. you can backup data to a file or to a tape. files can be stored on hard disks, removable disks (such as Iomega Zip and Jaz drives), and recordable compact disks and optical drives.

after open backup and restore wizard page, click next. the backup or restore page allows you to specify whether you want to backup files and settings or restore files and settings.

to successfully backup and restore data on a computer running windows xp professional, you must have appropriate permissions and user rights, as described below.

  • all users can backup their own files and folders. they can also backup files for which they have the read, read and execute, modify, or full control permission.
  • all users can restore files and folders for which they have the write, modify, or full control permission.
  • members of the administrators and backup operators groups can backup and restore all files (regardless of the assigned permissions) by default.members of these groups have the backup files and directories and restore files and directories user rights.


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