Friday, August 7, 2009

how to activate kaspersky using key file

this one is very much useful, you only need to download the serial key providing your activation code, after downloading you can activate your product using key file, the procedure as follows.
  • first go to the
  • in here you noticed that there are 3 field to filled by user
  • we consider only first one of '' activation code ''
  • in here carefully type your activation code
  • click next
  • in the next area filled the informations as necessary (sometimes it ask's for e-maill address and user location) click next to proceed
  • now only left thing is a download a key file, (or you can get it by e-mail)
  • after downloading a key, please note that the key is in compressed mode, first you need to uncompress the folder
  • now start your product installation, after completion first step, it ask the user to activate the product with a different choices.
  • select activate using key file, now specify the key file and proceed with installation.
Note - in kasprsky 2010 (ver 9.0) you noticed that there is no option to activate the product using key file, don't panic, first you need to disconnect your pc from internet, now select ''activate using trial key '' click next (trust me on this) you came end up with error message, close error message and then you will see activate using serial key, now specify the serial key and click activate. enjoy your product...

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