Tuesday, July 14, 2009

testing a TCP/IP configuration

after configuring TCP/IP and restarting the computer, you should use ipconfig and ping command prompts tools to test the configuration and connections to other TCP/IP hosts and networks. such testing helps ensure that TCP/IP is functioning properly.

using ipconfig

you use the ipconfig tool to verify the TCP/IP configuration parameters on a host. this helps to determine whether the configuration is initialized or if a duplicate IP address exists. use the ipconfig tool with the /all switch to verify configuration information.

using ping

the ping tool is a diagnose tool that you can use to test TCP/IP configurations and diagnose connection failures. after you have verified the TCP/IP configuration, use the ping tool to determine whether a particular TCP/IP host is available and funtional. to test connectivity use the ping tool with the following syntax in command prompt:
  1. first go to the command prompt.
  2. then type ipconfig or ipconfig /all and press enter.
  3. then type ping (loopback address) to check loopback working properly.
  4. then use ping ip address of the computer (eg: ping to check NIC (network interface card) working properly.
  5. then use ping command to ip address of default gateway (router) to check connectivity to gateway.
  6. then use ping address of the remote host (this can be pc in the network or internet) to check network working properly.

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