what is TCP/IP protocol suite

Monday, June 29, 2009
tcp/ip is an industry - standard suite of protocols that enables enterprise networking and connectivity on windows xp professional based computers.adding tcp/ip to a windows xp professional configuration offers the following advantages.
  • a routable networking protocol supported by most operating systems.most large networks rely on tcp/ip
  • a technology for connecting dissinilar systems.you can use many standard connectivity tools to access and transfer data across dissimilar systems.windows xp professional includes several of these standard tools.
  • a robust, scalable, cross-platform client/server framework. tcp/ip supports the microsoft windows sockets (winsock) interface, which is ideal for developing client/server applications for winsock-compliant stacks.
  • a method of gaining access to internet resources.
the tcp/ip suite of protocols provides a set of standards for how computers communicate and how networks are interconnected. the tcp/ip suite of protocols maps to a four-layer conceptual model network interface, internet, transport and application.


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