Friday, June 19, 2009

ntfs / security permissions

these security only applicable in NTFS partitions can assign to folder level permissions and file level can applied in locally or over the network.

below steps is about how to activate permissions tab in windows xp
  • go to the folder option
  • click view tab
  • scroll to the bottom and find '' use simple file sharing ''
  • if it already selected uncheck '' simple file sharing ''
  • click apply and ok
now you can see the permission tab in the files and folders.from there you can assign permission as you want.

permissions (from lowest to highest)
  • read - open folder and its sub folders,open files inside them
  • list folder content - arrange the sub folders and files and traverse in that folder
  • read and execute - to execute executable files in that folder (eg - exe,bat)
  • write - edit files, create sub folder and files in that folder,paste files to folder copied or moved from another location.
  • modify - delete folder and its sub content.
  • full control - managing inheritance , take ownership , set permissions.
Note - when user gets permissions of '' write '' he also gets permissions of '' read '' - '' list folder content '' - '' read and execute ''

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